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Are you ready to learn web development but not sure where to start. How would you like to be creating websites like The Grammy AwardsUniversity of TexasLady GagaThe NBA.

This 2 day class focuses on learning the basics of Drupal 8. As a Site Builder, Students will create a complete Drupal 8 Website without coding. The website will be created using Drupal's powerful configuration UI and contributed and core modules.  By the end of the class students will be able to describe key features and functionality provided by Drupal, define Drupal terminology and concepts and understand all fundamental facets of required in building a Drupal 8 website. Class limited to 10 students. Computers and box provided.
2 sessions available- Monday-Tuesday or Wednesday-Thursday - Classes meet from 9:00am to 4:30pm.  Computer lab located in North West Austin.


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Day 1 Introduction to Drupal 8 Provides a solid introduction to Drupal 8. Introduces and explains the most essential features and concepts of Drupal through hands-on activities.
Day 2 Building Websites with Drupal 8 Builds on the skills learned in Day 1 and provides  students with a comprehensive deep-dive into the essential skills necessary for building a website with Drupal.

Build a fully functional website using Drupal 8 Describe key features and functionality provided by Drupal 8 core Define Drupal terminology and describe concepts Explain and summarize how Drupal sites are constructed and themed Articulate the benefits of using Drupal 8 to develop websites Create lists of content and other data Assemble a website out of individual components Get data into your database Create lists of content from the database and manage display on your site Understand all fundamental facets of building a Drupal 8 website including how custom modules and themes are built Assemble a website out of individual components
Course Length: 
2 days
Target Audience: 

High School students interested in learning more about using the Drupal Content Management System for creating dynamic enterprise level Web Sites. Pre-requisites for the course are an interest in Web Development using a Content management system. Experience using and building websites using systems such as Wordpress, Joomla, HTML and CSS is helpful but not necessary.

Key Topics: 
  • Key features and functionality provided by Drupal 8 core
  • Drupal terminology and concepts
  • Using modules to extend Drupal's functionality
  • Understanding Content types
  • Using Views Create lists of content 
  • Managing displays on your site
  • Installing Drupal
  • Installing Drupal modules and themes
  • Creating user accounts and managing permissions
  • SEO-friendly URLs to pages
  • Taxonomy system
  • Drupal maintenance